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Earlytrade helps businesses get invoices paid early by their corporate customers
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Pura Milk
Lion Co
Farmers Union
M&C Saatchi
Freedom Furniture
James Boags
Little Creatures
Dairy Farmers
Qube Logistics
It's not invoice factoring, it's simply getting your invoices paid early
Earlytrade is a new way of providing cash flow to your business without borrowing:
  • You get paid the same way by your customer, only earlier
  • There's no collateral required and no approval process
  • There's no changes to the terms of sale with your customer
  • Your discount offer remains anonymous to your customer
This is how it works:
Step 1
Select your invoices
You are due to receive $85,000 worth of invoices in 30 days. You’d like the cash flow now.
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Step 2
Choose your discount rate
You choose to bid a 0.5% ($425) discount.
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Step 3
Your bid is in the market
Your bid competes with other vendors’ bids for early payment, and is accepted on Earlytrade.
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Step 4
You get paid
You are paid $84,575 by your customer tomorrow, with no loans or complicated applications.
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What our vendors say
M&C Saatchi
Earlytrade has made chasing debtors for payment simple. The process couldn't be any easier.
Greg, Finance Director
M&C Saatchi
Garmond Scandice Group
Being in control of the rate and having the optionality of when to request early payment is key.
Jimmy, Group Financial Controller
Garmond Scandice Group
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Savings calculator
Use our calculator to get a quick estimate of the potential savings using Earlytrade instead of your bank
Businesses on Earlytrade are realising savings of 38.49% on average*
Payment Terms (Days)
Annual billings with your largest customer
Bank Interest $18,583
Earlytrade Cost $11,430
Savings $7,152 (38.49%)
based on your largest customer alone
* Compared to Big 4 bank overdraft rates
What our vendors say
Qube Logistics
When I realised how small the discounts were compared to what we pay our bank in interest, and how much time and effort it saved us in chasing our larger customers for payment I requested early payment that day.
Bebita, Credit Manager
Qube Logistics
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Earlytrade vs other solutions

Funds your business without borrowing

Lower cost capital without fees

Invoice factoring or Bank loans

Complex paperwork, higher rates and recurring fees

Requires security of personal assets

What our vendors say
Unitex International
It couldn’t be a smoother process. I place my bid on Thursday and am paid on Friday, instead of in 60 days.
Afshin, Finance Director
Unitex International
Are you a large corporate with thousands of local vendors?
Early payments reduce supply-chain risk and improve vendor relationships
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What our vendors say
Markinson Business Software
I wish all my customers had this. Earlytrade allows us to improve our cash flow at key times of the year.
Leslie, Financial Controller
Markinson Business Software
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