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businesses are paid

A straightforward goal
A passionate mission

A late payment sparks an Earlytrade

Late one afternoon back in 2014, an accountant at a growing business sat at his desk frustrated. On this day he found himself pondering why his largest customers were always the last to pay

This put a huge strain on the business he worked for and sadly became a barrier to growth. He vowed to do something about it.

Teaming up with a data scientist, they set forth on a noble mission to change a broken system. A system where everyone paid as late as possible.

Earlytrade was born. An intuitive software platform to seamlessly turn receivables into cash flow and payables into income.

But that’s just the start. What’s next will change the game.

A better solution for Australian businesses

No-one likes to be paid late. Not only is it time-consuming to chase up, but late payments have a profound effect on all Australian businesses.

At a macro-level, late payments act as a gigantic productivity tax on our economy. Earlytrade estimates the cost of this to be about 3% of GDP each year.

This impacts businesses from both sides of the accounting equation.

It prevents small and medium businesses from hiring, investing and procuring the things they need to grow their businesses. While simultaneously, it destroys shareholder value in large corporates that are holding cash in low interest bearing accounts that could be earning more elsewhere.

We make it easy to get paid

Companies are struggling to access funding, finding it difficult to find reasonably priced options and are evermore frustrated with late payments.

Earlytrade becomes the answer they seek. When a business has the ability to control their overall cash flow efficiency and working capital position in real-time, that business will be more successful.

And that can only be a good thing for all Australians.

We’re always evolving

We never sit still for long.

That’s the key to our successful partnerships with some of Australia’s leading brands. We don’t rest on our laurels.

Our team is hard at work anticipating the future needs of the industries we serve.

Through innovation, our latest products are changing the way businesses operate for the better. As we grow and evolve our mission will remain true - to unlock, raise and protect people's potential.

And that’s why we get up in the morning.

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