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Recapture crisis-level adrenaline to fuel strategic transformation

Client Case Studies: Lessons learned from ASX 100 companies that invested in innovation during times of crisis Earlytrade services a diverse client base of leading Australian and New Zealand corporations with expansive global supply chains. Through principles-based investments in their supply chains, these companies have reaped the benefits of becoming crisis resilient, purpose-driven and supplier-focused.

 Ambitious intrapreneurs will take on the challenge, and they will reap the rewards for their company and their careers.

In 2020, Australian businesses adopted a decade’s backlog of technology in just ten months.  The supply of tech was not new, but the burning platform was. The ability was there, but the desire was not. How do businesses harness that desire before the next crisis and avoid the unnecessary accumulation of catch-up costs in the future?

The following examples provide principles-based signposts for ambitious intrapreneurs that wish to drive their organisations and their careers forward between crisis events.

Download the report to access:

  • Cost of delay – Tech debt and rationalised resistance
  • Coles Group: Internal torchbearers share the pain points
  • Lion: Realising ambitions requires agile partners 
  • Cleanaway: Supplier tech prioritised during COVID lockdowns

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