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Australia is the latest paying country in the world,^ with 1 in 4 businesses experiencing payments past agreed terms.* Your suppliers can find themselves in a position where they are cash flow poor and need to look for alternative funding options. They are turning to different funding options such as bank loans, credit cards, factoring, supply chain finance and alternative lenders to get through income fluctuations in their business.

^ Source: Market Invoice, "The State of Late Payment"
* Source: The Australian Small Business and Family Enterprise Ombudsman, "Payment Times and Practices Inquiry"

Average Payday per Country

A better solution exists

Now there is a way to improve your supplier partnerships while benefiting your bottom line

Earlytrade specialise in running Early Payment Programs for large companies and their suppliers. These programs are powered by Earlytrade’s technology platform which enables companies and their suppliers to collaborate transparently in negotiating invoice terms in return for early payment. This reduces the costs of working capital for both through leveraging and optimising the cost of credit along the supply chain.

Improving working capital for your suppliers is socially responsible

Give your suppliers the freedom to self-regulate the rate and timing of their receivables

  • Earlytrade is an optional program that your suppliers elect to use at their discretion
  • Access to the platform is free and suppliers are in control of the timing and rate for payment of invoices
  • Offering your suppliers a next-day payment option is a socially responsible way to help your suppliers improve their cash flow
  • If you have long payment terms, introducing Earlytrade can help you comply with the small business Australian Supplier Payment Code
  • Financially strong suppliers with better liquidity reduces your supply chain risk and builds trust in our communities

Hear what suppliers say about Earlytrade

Not factoring

How does Earlytrade work?

1. Approved invoices are uploaded

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2. Suppliers request early payment

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3. Earlytrade matches bids and offers

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4. You pay suppliers directly, only earlier

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  • Earlytrade is a standalone web-based platform that easily interfaces with your current ERP/s
  • Your internal technology effort to launch can be a matter of days
  • A major benefit compared to many incumbent models is Earlytrade requires
  • Earlytrade requires only a simple file transfer and approved invoices are uploaded via our API or SFTP
  • Earlytrade’s intuitive trading dashboard & email based offer process means
  • This combined with simplified and secure legal agreements mean suppliers can log in to the platform with a single click and set an offer for early payment at their discretion
  • Earlytrade is optional and free to use so suppliers of all sizes and geographies can self-regulate their settlement terms
  • Earlytrade is a virtual first-price sealed-bid auction (FPSBA) of your trade payables back to your own supply chain
  • Each supplier is able to offer a unique rate using Earlytrade’s volume-weighted average-price (VWAP) bidding model which captures tens of thousands more early payment requests from suppliers of all sizes
  • Earlytrade matches a broad spread of supplier offers and your optimal rate of return by determining the most competitive bids in market at any time
  • Once trades are accepted, the Earlytrade Auction Clearing System publishes updated invoice records back to your accounting system and suppliers are notified of their success and provided with updated invoice details and information on their early payment
  • Earlytrade does not require you to restructure or redirect your payments to any 3rd party. Your payment process with your suppliers remains exactly the same
  • The Earlytrade model addresses the three largest frictions with these types of transactions by eliminating all settlement risk, credit risk, and fraud risk

As a service provider Earlytrade are flexible and highly responsive. Their technology is uniquely engaging because it delivers intrinsically good customer outcomes

Emma Beard
Enterprise Services Director, Lion

Freedom Group
Beston Global Foods

It’s easy to get started

Earlytrade is designed to fit around you, so your existing payment or invoicing process stays the same. As a company, you continue to pay your suppliers directly with no financial intermediaries. Earlytrade can be launched in a matter of days with two weeks internal technology effort needed and no additional resources from Procurement or IT are required post launch.

To explore whether Earlytrade will work for you these are the steps.

1. Data share and analysis
2. Business case projections produced
3. Scope implementation effort and cost
4. Ask yourself: do you value your suppliers enough to offer them early payment?
5. Launch Early Payment Program

Earlytrade savings projector

See how much you could be saving using Earlytrade

See how much you could be saving using Earlytrade
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Earlytrade doubles as your own Supplier Portal

The total cost of ownership to launch and maintain your own supplier portal can be in the millions.

With Earlytrade, you can save this direct cost and use the platform as your very own Supplier Portal, while increasing your EBIT at the same time.

  • Drive process improvement in your shared services function
  • Reduce inbound supplier queries by 80%
  • Provide invoice approval notifications and enable suppliers to review settlement dates from approval to payment

It’s easy to get started

Earlytrade takes the hard work off your hands and can have the platform live for you in a matter of days. With no heavy integrations required and very low capital outlay, no additional resources from Procurement will be needed at your end.

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